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Holiday Challenge...

I know, I know it's been awhile since a newsletter and my deepest apologizes. I hope to have it up later tonight or tomorrow night. Probably tomorrow night since I'm nodding off as we speak and alas I face another day of getting up early for work. Anyway I thought now would be a great time for another Stargazer challenge since NaNo is about to end so that frees a lot of people up. ;)

However this time the challenge is a bit different. I thought about doing another beginning and ending challenge, but I thought now would be a good time to try something different. Still if you look close enough you'll find the sentences mixed up in this new challenge.

This time we're offering two musical and the other visual. This holiday challenge is about inspiration. What inspires your muse to run off with an idea where you find yourself holding on for a bumpy ride?

Do you listen to music to set that mood as you write for inspiration? Does finding yourself staring at nothing more than a flower inspire you to write? If you've answer yes to at least one of the questions, then this is the challenge for you. :)


There's so many songs that are on point as they say when describing Alex and Isabel. A lof of you have even posted the songs that remind you of Alex and Isabel in the Gazer forum at Roswell Fanatics. There's so many great songs there that we thought why not make a challenge where you guys have to pick your favorite song from that thread and write a story that is either inspired by the actual song, or you incorporate the song's lyrics somewhere in your story.

Sounds like fun right? Just think of all the beautiful songs that you can use? You can find the song thread HERE.


Have you ever seen that movie "Love Actually"? There's this scene where this guy (can't think of his name right now) holds up several signs that say what he can't bring himself to say. I adore that scene! Sometimes we can't find the words that we need to express what we're saying, and sometimes we find other ways to do it.

This challenge is all about the visual inspiration, and what you'll find below are three prompt tables that contain icons that hopefully will inspire you to write. You can choose any prompt table, but you must include at least one description of one of the pictures. What I mean to say is that at least one of the events in the prompt table must be describe in your story. You can use anything in either prompt table, so you don't have to limit yourself to one table.

By the way I got the idea for the prompt table from the November prompt at time_and_chips, so credit to them for inspiring me although I've totally tweaked the idea to death. lol

ETA: All participants will receive a niffy wallpaper.


1. All challenges are due no later than January 1, 2008. That's right you have a whole month to write, so don't freak out.

2. Rating is up to you, so carpe diem my friend.

3. Minimum word count for story is at least 100 words. Ah come on you know you want to write another War and Peace. lol

4. You can co-write with someone else. Hey take this as a sign to ask a buddy to write with you. The more the merrier right?

5. Have fun and enjoy yourself. :)

Prompt Table #1:

Prompt Table #2:

Prompt Table #3

*Icons are mine. Brushes and textures aren't not. Brushes are from Absolute Trouble and ShadyMedusa*
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